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The Home of Spatial Geoscience Data

  • Data Mining and Digitalization

  • DOI & IGSN Minting (Digital Twin)

  • Data as a Service (DaaS)

  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)

  • Deep-Time Reconstruction
  • Consulting & Support


About Us

earth spheres with geoscience data points

Welcome to Lithodat! We are a team of experienced geoscientists and data experts who founded Lithodat in 2018 in Melbourne/Australia as we saw the growing need for structured, findable and easy to use data in the global resource industry, academia, and government organizations. Our vision is to make specialised geoscience datasets easily accessible and straightforward to use for everyone. 

With our unique spatial geoscience data platform LithoSurfer we are able to offer fast, cloud-hosted spatial geoscience datasets with built-in analytics, so you can easily access and utilize geospatial data to accelerate your projects. Additionally, our expert data mining service can create large clean datasets that are ready for machine learning and AI procedures.

Furthermore, we are proud to offer a unique DOI and IGSN minting service, which allows you to create “Digital Twins” of samples and datasets. This service reduces the occurrence of duplicates and increases the dicoverability of data, making it easier for you to manage disperse and large datasets.

At Lithodat, we are passionate about helping you streamline your data management and analysis processes. Let us help you take your geoscience projects to the next level. 

Our Services

Our Services


Data Mining & Digitalization

Our team of subject matter experts provide searching, structuring and digitising services of publicly available and proprietary geoscience data.

DOI & IGSN Minting

Create a Digital Twin for your Samples and Datasets with Persistent Identifiers (PIDs).

Data as a Service (DaaS)

All of our geoscience data can easily be viewed, analysed, downloaded, shared, and published via our browser based spatial data platforms.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Our LithoSurfer platform provides an easy, efficient and useful way to manage your spatial geoscience data.

Deep Time Reconstruction

LithoPlates, our new plate tectonic reconstruction tool, provides easy and fast deep-time analytical tools and insights into your samples and all its metadata.

Consulting & Support

Our team of experts is happy to assist you with any needs for spatial data solutions, ranging from platform development, data modelling, structuring, cleaning and harvesting to finding customised solutions for your needs. 

Our Applications


Our Applications

AusGeochem- public FREE data 

AusGeochem provides a free data platform for all publicly available geochemistry data. It offers academics the perfect research platform and industry can get a first taste of our data solutions.  

FieldApp for sample collection

LithoSurfer FieldApp is available via GooglePlay and enables direct digital sample collection during fieldwork.


LithoSpace pushes our platform to an extra level, opening the door to space exploration and how spatial geochemistry data from Mars and Moon can be viewed, analysed and accessed. 


Why choose us?



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