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Data as a Service (DaaS)

All of our geoscience data can easily be viewed, analysed, downloaded, shared, and published via our browser based spatial data platforms.

Lithodat offers subscription-based Data as a Service (DaaS) products that are delivered through our unique and easy-to-use LithoSurfer platform. This allows data to be easily viewed, analysed, downloaded, shared, and published. Additionally, all data can be accessed via our open REST API, making it available to any external analytics or data viewing software. Our portfolio currently includes the following data types:

  • Geochronology data.

  • Thermochronology data.

  • Thermal History data.

  • Vitrinite Reflectance data.

  • Geochemistry data.

  • Mineral Deposit data.

  • Drill Core & Well data.

  • Spatial Literature data.

  • Sample Location data.

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