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a platform for

extra-terrestrial data 

LithoSpace pushes our platform to an extra level, opening the door to space exploration and how spatial geochemistry data from Mars and Moon can be viewed, analysed and accessed. 

LithoSpace platform


The importance of spatial data on extraterrestrial bodies such as the Moon, Mars and asteroids is increasing with the renewed interest in space exploration. Lithodat provides the infrastructure to visualise spatial data including points of interest and samples collected, along with corresponding geochemistry and analytic data. Lithodat’s experience and mature technology on terrestrial data types allows the advance of data analytics and exploration tools on places such as the Moon or Mars.

LithoSpace demonstrates the capability of our unique Space data platform by showcasing all geochemical data that has been acquired by the Apollo lunar missions. All this data is stored in a cleaned and normalised format in our customised relational geochemistry data model. All the geochemical data can easily be uploaded through our Extract Transform Load (ETL) pipeline. Once the data is in a relational context it enables the user to find, analyse and extract data with ease.

Special lunar overlays such as a global lunar geology map or Fe or Ti concentration maps are accessible and help with future planning and interpretation of analysed geochemical signatures. Having geochemical analytical tools at your fingertips such as Rare Earth Elements (REE), Trace Elements or Ternary plots help increase the shared understanding of our distant neighbours. Even though lunar exploration for minerals is still in its infancy, LithoSpace can help users access the latest technology and data science to assist with the tentative first steps.

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