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public FREE data 

AusGeochem provides a free data platform for all publicly available geochemistry data. It offers academics the perfect research platform and industry can get a first taste of our data solutions.  

Visualise, analyse & extract
geochemistry data from around the globe

A global FREE public data platform developed by Australian geochemistry labs to visualise, analyse, extract & publish geochemistry data from around the globe.

AusGeochem was developed for the international geochemistry community to provide a platform that can be utilised to increase collaboration and accelerate research by sharing, visualising, analysing and publishing geochemistry data. Initially designed by the AuScope Geochemistry Network (AGN) team to create a national network of geochemical laboratories that contribute data to central and FAIR repositories, the platform has now grown to enable all its functionalisites to the international geochemistry community, covering techniques such as major and trace geochemistry, fission track and (U-Th)/He dating, U-Pb data and detailed sample metadata information including images and attached analytical files.


Preserving the Steve Barnes (CSIRO) Ni-PGE Geochemistry Collection in AusGeochem

May 26, 2023

The NCRIS enabled partnership between Australia’s national science agency CSIRO and the AuScope Geochemistry Network (AGN) has successfully preserved a valuable collection of geochemical data from over 5,700 samples of ultramafic rocks and associated nickel mineralisation from Western Australia. 

Meet the large collaboration network behind AusGeochem

November 16, 2021

More than fifteen months of work for the AuScope Geochemistry Network (AGN) and partners Lithodat recently culminated in the release of AusGeochem, providing the geochemistry community with a bespoke tool to explore, upload, disseminate and extract geo-sample and geochemistry data in a global geospatial context.
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AusGeochem is live!

October 12, 2021

The AGN Project Team and collaborators Lithodat are excited to announce that the first iteration of the AusGeochem platform is now live and available for public use. AusGeochem is a cloud-hosted open geochemistry data platform that is simultaneously a geosample registry, a geochemistry data repository, and an active research tool. 
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