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Data Mining & Digitalization

Our team of subject matter experts provide searching, structuring and digitising services of publicly available and proprietary geoscience data.

Data Mining Solutions

Our in-house geodata professionals assist our clients in digitising and mining publicly available data within their area of interest. All incoming data is undergoing a well defined review process before it is marked as approved. Well-structured and clean data is essential for machine learning and AI, as data scientists typically spend 90% of their time manipulating data to prepare it for their algorithms. Our services save clients time in this process, allowing them to focus on deriving valuable insights from their data.

Data Platform Solutions

Our experienced IT team offers a broad range of data platform services, including frontend and backend development consulting, as well as fully customised and hosted spatial data solutions tailored to your organisation's specific needs.

Data Model Solutions

We are specialised in building relational database frameworks and very detailed data models for each data type, providing our clients with straightforward and efficient access to their desired data.

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