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Deep-Time Reconstruction

LithoPlates, our new plate tectonic reconstruction tool, provides easy and fast deep-time analytical tools and insights into your samples and all its metadata.


Lithodat has together with the Earthbyte Group developed a cloud-based, fully integrated deep time reconstruction tool for geoscience data based on Earthbyte’s pyGplates and plate models. This new tool is easy to use and enables users to visualise and analyse samples and analytical results in their paleogeographic context. On-the-fly analytical tools currently included in our data platform such as live contouring and multi-sample selections can now be performed in their paleogeographic locations without any further data preparation. The ease of use will enable geoscientists to explore the world of deep-time reconstructions and enhance their understanding of tectonic settings and events of importance to rock, mineral or fluid sample history. The current version enables our users to select between 7 different plate models, with the oldest ranging back to 1 Ga. All images and results can be exported for further analysis and processing.

This new tool is primarily designed for explorationists interested in the paleogeographic context of their samples, but also for plate model scientists seeking to integrate all available geochronology, geochemistry and thermochronology data to help better constrain and improve existing plate models. 

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