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FieldApp for sample collection  

LithoSurfer FieldApp is available via GooglePlay and enables direct digital sample collection during fieldwork.



Great data starts at the point of collection. The LithoSurfer field application offers users the ability to collect samples in the field and directly upload to the Lithodat database from wherever you are. The integrated offline functionality means that even in remote areas data can be collected and then later uploaded when network coverage is available. True explorationists can also use satellite data uplinks to backup essential field data to make sure important information is being preserved.

Vital information such as latitude and longitude, elevation, lithology, location type and description can be captured. Spatial information is collected via the device GPS or can be manually entered. Satellite, global DEM and geological map layers help locate where samples are located in relation to samples already entered into the Lithodat database.


Photos of both the sample and surrounding area can be collected and later viewed in LithoSurfer to give other viewers the geological context of the sample.

Back in the office or laboratory, analytics, IGSN identifiers and archive locations can be added, resulting in traceable, accurate and well structured data.

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