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Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Our LithoSurfer platform provides an easy, efficient and useful way to manage your spatial geoscience data.


Lithodat’s intuitive online platform LithoSurfer makes it quick and easy to visualise, analyse and extract geospatial data. We offer a range of products and services from providing our customers with a customised LithoSurfer platform for storing, viewing, analysing and publishing their data. Those customisations can involve the development of complex data models, automated IGSN and DOI batch minting, bespoke data extraction, structuring and mining.


AusGeochem provides a free, public data platform for academic communities to enter, organise and analyse their data in collaboration with researchers and industry. Currently, we are the only platform provider which allows you to enter your own data in a global database of existing data whilst reserving permission options. This means that you have the option to keep your unpublished data private, share the data with selected collaborators or with the whole community. This unique permission system gives you full control over your data whilst still getting to take advantage of AusGeochem‘s regional analysis tools that help you to discover geological secrets.

Data Privacy & Security

Our enterprise server architecture is built on the trusted AWS environment, providing exceptional security standards to ensure data remains safe and secure. 

By default, all data is kept private, but it can be made public when necessary. Additionally, our users can collaborate with external users on a highly-secure level by selectively sharing their private data packages with them.

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